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Boyd Corporation's mission is to make face shields easily accessible, affordable, with ample supply and capacity to do our part to protect global communities. We want face shields to be available for any business, group, non-profit, school, family or individual who needs one with equal access to high quality, affordable protective equipment.

We've made surgical face shields for doctors and nurses for over a decade. We are an industry leader, producing medical device components and protective equipment for nearly 100 years. We leveraged this expertise as a socially responsible global manufacturer after witnessing the PPE shortage needed to combat the COVID-19 outbreak. We've answered the call to create more face shields at greater volume to help protect our community members and those on the front line.

Boyd's face shield center for excellence is located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A. as our main hub of face shield design, innovation and manufacturing. To create as much supply capacity as possible, we've modified installed scalable production lines in additional production sites and geographies to support global face shield demand with adept in-region support. Face shields can now be manufactured in Tennessee, Michigan and California for North America demand, South China and Thailand to support Asia Pacific needs, and Germany for European demand.

Boyd Corporation is a technology innovator and has been for 100 years. Our Engineered Materials, Thermal Management, and Sealing Solutions are critical components to products that keep the world running. Our innovative technologies combined with expertise in engineering and design, scalable manufacturing and proactive customer satisfaction enable innovators across electronics, mobile computing, transportation, aerospace, medical technology and other B2B and consumer-critical industries make their products safer, more reliable, and better performing. Boyd Corporation is One Company, Many Solutions. Visit our corporate website to learn more about how Boyd Corporation's technologies help solve performance challenges across many industries and markets.