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Keep Staff Healthy & Safe

Face shields protect against contaminants, viral & bacterial transmission, communicable diseases, & airborne germs. Keep your staff safe by shielding airborne germs from sensitive areas of the face like the eyes, nose & mouth. Prevent staff from touching their faces with hands contaminated by shared surfaces. Enable facial recognition smartphone features to function without removing protective shields.

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Comfort for Clients & Staff

Your customers are better at ease when your staff is properly protected & you want your staff comfortable while complying with PPE requirements. Lightweight face shields with airflow venting assure employees have ultimate comfort & protection. Boost employee & customer satisfaction with short lead time face shields for all business types from restaurants to education programs, salons & retail, all at an affordable cost.

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Give Service with a Smile

Personal connection is key for any sustainable business. With clear fog-free face shields, your customers can continue to see a friendly, welcoming smile from your staff. An unobstructed view of your employees' friendly faces encourages better interaction & enhanced customer experience. Non-intimidating face shield designs allow you to better connect with your clients face-to-face during the "new normal."

Disposable & Recyclable

Made of quality materials, face shields are designed to be disposable for better safety & ultimate protection but 100% recyclable for sustainability & waste reduction. Packed efficiently to minimize logistics cost & storage space.

Medical Grade Materials

Superior fog-resistant shields are optically clear with 89% total light transmission (the same optically clear material used in surgical face shields & smartphone display technologies) for unobstructed vision.

Designed for

Boyd Corporation is the leading medical protective equipment manufacturer in America & has been for over 100 years. Our medical grade face shields are now available for businesses in convenient case packs of 300 shields.  


Boyd Corporation will donate one shield to frontline healthcare workers with each order. In 2020 so far, we've made over 30 million shields & donated over 250,000 shields to frontline healthcare workers.