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Q: Will this face shield help protect me from Coronavirus COVID-19? 

A: Yes, the use of face shields can help prevent the spread of and exposure to COVID-19, along with other airborne pathogens. According to William Lindsley, a bioengineer at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health who led a cough simulation study found on the Nation Library of Medicine, "A shield could reduce a user’s viral exposure by 96 percent when worn within 18 inches of someone who was coughing. But most people in the general public are much farther away from others they are interacting with."

Q: How often should I change my face shield? 

A: We’ve created these affordable shields for single, disposable use while still being environmentally-friendly. Single use reduces the chance for cross-contamination. Let’s say someone wore it through the day – a nearby  person sneezed and contaminated the surface of the face shield. The shield has done its job and blocked those germs from the wearer's face! But if you reuse this face shield the next day, you’ll theoretically contaminate your hands while handling the face shield. That being said, our face shields can be disinfected and reused until the headband attachments wear out. Reusing will require you to disinfect the face shields. The quality of personal disinfection can also impact cross-contamination.  For best safety, we recommend daily use. Put it on at the start of the day, put it in recycling at the end of the day. That removes personal error in disinfecting and reduces cross contamination risk.

Q: Do I have to order different face shields for adults and children? 

A: The shields are one size fits most – an adjustable head strap makes the same shield appropriate for both adults and small children. Helps with keeping face shield stock simple! We offer kid-friendly prints to help with making wearing the shield more fun.

Q: Can I get our custom business, sports or collegiate logo printed on the face shield? 

A: Yes! We can custom print on the face shield head strap and would advise minimum order quantity for the custom print run.

Q: Do these face shields work with electronic devices that use Face Recognition Technology, like my iPhone?

A: Yes!  Unlike face masks, Boyd's face shields  work with face recognition devices through the optically clear lens.